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RM India
Corporate Social Responsibility

Engaging, Enriching & Empowering Learners World Wide


RM India (RM Education Solutions India Private Limited) is the India Delivery Center for UK based RM Plc. A leading supplier of technology and resources to the education sector, RM India helps deliver great education products and services that help teachers to teach and learners to learn. Our mission is to achieve growth by improving life chances of people. At RM India, we are driven by the potential of our business to touch lives and shape the future. Corporate Social Responsibility is an overarching principle that both shapes the culture of the organisation and informs our policy decisions.

RM India Foundation and CSR Objectives

The RM India Foundation - our corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm - was established in 2007. The Foundation reiterates RM's commitment to the welfare and upliftment of the community that it is part of. This initiative is close to our hearts and resonates with RM Group’s purpose of “Enriching the lives of learners worldwide".

The key objective of our CSR programme is the promotion of education - including but not limited to employment enhancing vocation skills among children, women, the elderly and the differently‑abled.

Our flagship programmes - the Graeme Dewart Scholarships and the School Adoption Programme – are designed to make a holistic impact on the education sector. Financial aid provided to disadvantaged children on a case‑to‑case basis is complemented by a sustained effort to improve the school's infrastructure and learning environment.

RM India CSR School Adoption

RM India CSR School Adoption timeline
From the archives

Gauri Chandra, CEO, RM India and John Baskerville, Managing Director – Assessment, RM Plc presented scholarships to the beneficiaries of our CSR programme at the annual day. RM India Graeme Dewart Scholarships supported 83 students in  2023.

Factoring in Covid-19: pandemic-informed CSR initiatives

From the funding of initiatives aligned with the organisation’s CSR policy, our vision has grown to embrace the larger goal of furthering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) through our CSR programmes.

Quality Education Gender Equality Responsible Consumption and Production Climate Action

Connect the Disconnected

The project, "Connect the Disconnected" launched in 2021, enabled RM India to empower 125 children from underprivileged families with new mobile devices which helped them continue to attend school during the pandemic. In the first phase, we distributed 111 mobile devices to children enrolled in 11 schools in Trivandrum. To meet the requests that were pouring in, we initiated a second phase, in which 14 mobile devices were supplied to children in two schools in Trivandrum. A total of 7,96,000 INR was spent on this initiative in FY 2021 alone. In FY 2021-22, we extended the scope of Graeme Dewart Scholarships to supply assistive devices to children with Special Education needs.

Scholarship for Children with Special Education Needs

Five differently abled children from the city received assistive devices from RM India Foundation, at an event held to mark World Disability Day in Dec 2022. Abin S Madathissery (Project Coordinator and SEN Facilitator, Sense International India); Roshin K Sam (Project Manager, MSSS); Fr. Vincent Karickal Chacko (Executive Director-MSSS); Rani Vinod (Senior General Manager, RM India) and Aswathy Karnaver (Senior Lead, RM India) with the beneficiaries.

Looking forward: forging a sustainable CSR model

The CSR initiatives drawn up for the current financial year, FY23-24, are informed by the enhanced CSR goals and include promotion of sustainable practices in schools. The Graeme Dewart Scholarships will be extended to include assistance to girl children who show exceptional ability in math and science subjects and children with Special Education needs. This pioneering CSR initiative comes in the light of recent UN reports that say that women account for only 33% of world's researchers and are a minority in digital information technology, computing, physics, mathematics and engineering. To encourage sustainability measures, our School Adoption Programme will henceforth include the promotion of organic farming, recycling of waste materials and use of clean energy.

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